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Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot

It is one among the landmark sites in Chitrakoot Dham.

As any other place in Chitrakoot, Hanuman Dhara also covers a beautiful fable of Lord Ram. It is believed that this cascade was created to ease the hardship of Hanuman while he returned from Lanka after setting fire to Lanka. Lord Ram pierces an arrow in this mountain which springs up water which relieves Shri Hanuman.
Hanuman Dhara provides the awe inspiring scenery of a cascade that falls from the nearby mountains. Though the uphill path is little bit tiresome, the pictorial beauty of the gleaming waterfall take away all your hardships and you will be enthralled by the lovely environ that surrounds you.
An ascend of around  500 steps would get you towards the spring. The temple is dedicated to Hanuman holds a deity which is regarded as one of a rare idol of the monkey god. The spring that falls on the deity gradually fills the nearby kund ais indeed a delightful site to be remembered for a long. Apart from this, Hanuman Dhara gives a implausible view of the legendary town of Chitrakoot and so do not forget to pay a visit to this lovely hillock.
 हनुमान जी जब लंका जलाके आये थे तब वे बहुत थक गए थे और बहुत जलन महसूस कर रहे थे. तब श्री राम जी ने यहाँ बाण मार के एक धारा निकाली जिससे हनुमान जी को राहत मिली .