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Ch'eng-Huang : Chinese god of walls and ditches. Each village had their own Ch'eng-Huang. 

Chu Jung : Chinese god of fire executions. Emodies justice, revenge, death, and the element of fire. 

Erh-Lang : Chinese god who chased away evil spirits, the great restorer, the sustainer. He is invoked for protection. 

Fu-Hsing : Chinese god of happiness. Symbolizes destiny, fate, love, happiness, and success. 

Hou-chi : Chinese god of harvest and agriculture. Depicted as a kindly old man with stalks growing from his scalp. 

Hsuan-T'ien-Shang-Ti : Chinese god who removes demons and evil spirits.
I-ti : Chinese god of wine. 

Kue'i-Hsing : Chinese god of safe travels, tests, literature, and students.
Kuan Ti : Chinese god of war. 

Lao-Tien-Yeh : Chinese great god. 

Lei-Kung : Chinese god of retribution and thunder. He makes thunder with his hammer, chases away evil spirits, and punishes criminals whose crimes have gone undetected. 

Lu-Hsing : Chinese god of salaries, wages, and employment. Symbolizes success, prosperity, earned wealth, justice. 

Lu-Pan : Chinese god of carpenters and masons. Symbolizes artistic talent and fame.