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Jain Acharya Nemisurijee Mahraja Sahaiba

Acharya Nemisurijee Mahraja Sahaiba

 Acharya Nemisurijee M.S. was born in Mahuwa (Saurastra) on first day of first month (Kartik) of V.S. 1929. Incidentally, when he was died, in the same place- Mahuwa on the same day, first day of first month (Kartik) of V.S. 2006. (after 77 years) Again both days- his birth day and the day of his sad demise were same – Saturday! Ara the time The Ghadi and Pal were also the same! In his life span of 77 years he has dome such note-worthy deeds, that his time is rightly known as Shasan Samrat Nemi Era.

Acharya Vijay Nemi Surijee was considered to be the ablest Suri Chakravarti of 20th Century. He was sincerest person of celibacy, his penance-stength was great, he was versatile genius of nature gifted intelligence and his impressive personality was sober. This Acharya has made an era in Jainism. his life-goals were decided as early as his renunciation of the world. The main/first/prime life goal of expansion/extension of knowledge. This included renunciation of knowledge, protection religious scriptures, writing of new works and their publication as well as maintenance of ole libraries of scriptures, for which he provided guidance. Under his guidance and inspiration for the first time in Jain society, the auspicious beginning of publication of Jain literature was made.
His second life goal was to prepare a team of Knowledgeable, qualitative and bright disciples. That is how, he could provide scores of most versatile, learned Acharyas and monks to the Jain order. He moved thousands of miles on foot and without taking care of his own life, he gave sermons to violent-natured fishermen and other antisocial humans to bring change in their lives. Once, greatly impressed by his sermons, the fishermen of village Datha (Dist. Bhavnagar) burnt all their fishing nets worthe thousands of rupees and forthwith gave up fishing for life. He also was responsible for stopping the sacrifice of innocent animals offered to Gods and Goddesses. He was also responsible for boosting the activities of Panjara Pole i.e. Shelter house, for animals. In V.S. 1983, there was great flood in Gujarat causing troubles to thousands of people, he appealed to rich Jains and collected big funds for helping the poor and distressed in the floods. He had a great capacity to motivate people to donate generously for funds to help the distressed on the occasions of famines flood or diseases. As well as for renewing and renovating the fields for the Jain followers (Shravakas) or for donation of food or even secret donations.

His another goal of life was to renovate and restructure the old pilgrim places like Matar, Ranakpur, Khambhat (Sthambh Tirth) etc. as well as a no. of small temples in villages, which he did quite well. There was a judicial matter going on in the court regarding Junagadh (Girnar) Tirth against the Nawab of Junagadh himself. And he took keen interest and a deep pains in this case. Besides, he provided excellent guidance to the Jain community to use their discretionary power, show utmost wisdom, and if necessary to show their strength too, particularly in the very complex issues pertaining to the pilgrim places like Shri Sammetshikkharjee Tirth, Shri Taranga Tirth and Shri Antarikhshjee Tirth.

It is very interesting to remember what Sir Prabha Shankar Pattani, a great diplomat and the chief minister of Bhavnagar State to his son and also a successor on his position, Shri Anantrai Pattani: “When you find that the work you have taken up is rather very complex and also difficult, you should go to my Gurujee of Kadamgiri, the beardwala saint and take his blessings.”
Who was this beardwala saint of Kadambgiri? Of course he referred to the great Nemisurijee M.S. He was respected alike both by Jains and Non Jains for his deep and profound knowledge impressive sermons then the medium of Vyakhyan – Speech, straict following of religious discipline and living vision. The great political leader and the great Pandit Madan Mohan Malviyajee was also considered himself gratified just, sitting besides him and deiscussing religious matter. The kings, in emperors and the great treaders were highly impressed by his impressive style of addressing the audience in Vyakhyan and by his giant personality. Despite within he was totally unassuming and was learned to himself only.

He was known as lion in the Jain community. All eight of his main disciples were also known for their perfound knowledge I in various branches and disciplines. They were recognized learned Acharyas of the Sangh Acharya Nemisurijee occupies the prime position in front raw for his service to Jainism to Indian culture and Indian society, and for re-establishment of ethical Land Spiritual values in the society.