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Lord Kuber / Kubera

Lord Kuber / Kubera

Lord Kuber - God of wealth and material possessions

Lord Kuber / Kubera is god of wealth and material possessions. He is a great Yaksha and a humble devotee of Lord Shiva. There are many legends of Lord Kuber but the one most famous among them is when Lord Vishnu/ Balaji/ Venkateswara at Tirupati asked him for a loan to marry Goddess Laxmi. It is believed that till today Lord Balaji is paying interest on that loan. Devotees try and do their bit and donate generously to help Lord Balaji.
The next legend of Lord Kubera is related to Lord Ganesh. One day Lord Kubera went to Mount Kailash to seek the blessings of Shiva. As he was conceited, he decided to invite Lord Shiva for a feast at his magnificent city of Alakpuri. Lord Shiva was aware of his narcissistic quality and politely backed out of this invitation and said that his son, Lord Ganesh would be more than happy to join in the festivities. But Kubera was made aware that Lord Ganesh was a connoisseur of good food and had a voracious appetite. Kubera beamed with over confidence and was convinced that Lord Ganesh’s hunger would be easily satiated.

Kubera took little Lord Ganesh with him to his glorious city and offered Him a ceremonial bath, then adorned Him in exquisite clothing. Our Lord was then taken to a splendid arena where the feast was arranged. The royal attendants served Lord Ganesh and He started eating. He relished on everything that was offered and continued gobbling on a wide variety of delicacies. The food that was prepared for Kubera’s other esteemed guests were also offered. But nothing seemed to satisfy Him and He kept waiting for the attendants to dole out more portions. In the meantime, the attendants hurried to arrange more quantities of food. Impatient, Lord Ganesh started consuming the plates. Slowly, He reached for the decorations and the furniture. Kubera was at his wits end. He prostrated in front of little Lord Ganesh and begged Him to stop this and spare his palace. Lord Ganesh with his little, innocent eyes looked at Kubera and said that He was still very hungry. Until He was offered more food, He said that He would continue eating whatever that was in front of Him.
Kubera frantically rushed to Mount Kailash and begged Lord Shiva to give him a solution. Lord Shiva smiled and handed him a fistful of roasted rice and instructed Kubera to offer this with humility. By the time Kubera managed to reach his kingdom, Lord Ganesh was on the verge of swallowing up the entire city of Alakpuri. Kubera paid obeisance and humbly offered the roasted rice. This satiated Lord Ganesh’s hunger and He was pleased. 

Qualities like humility and respect are the unbeatable duo that can change an unattainable situation to an accomplishment, if one knows how to use them sincerely in their undertakings. Materialistic possessions blind people with arrogance but this veil can be lifted when one learns to be humble and remembers that everything he owns is because of His blessings.