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Lord Shree Simandhar Swami

Simandhar Swami

 Lord Shree Simandhar Swami (The Current Living Tirthankar)

On this planet and in this era, there is no living tirthankara, but at present, in Mahavideh Kshetra there lives tirthankara Shri Simandhar Swami. Simahdhar Swami is able to grant final liberation to seekers from the planet earth. The Gnanis have revived this path and are guiding the seekers to the same path.

Recognizing the living tirthankara, awakening one’s devotion for Him, and establishing a connection with Him through His worship and finally attaining his live direct darshan and acquiring Keval Gnan (absolute enlightenment), verily is the only step of the narrow path of liberation.

Simandhar Swami is currently 150,000 years old, and has a remaining life span of 125,000 years.
He lives in the city of Pundarikgiri, the capital of Pushpakalavati, one of 32 geographical divisions on Mahavideh Kshetra. Pundarikgiri is ruled by King Shreyans, who is Simandhar Swami’s father. His mother is Queen Satyaki. While pregnant with Simandhar Swami, Queen Satyaki had a sequence of 14/16 (swetambar/digambar belief) dreams indicating that she would give birth to a Tirthankar.
Simandhar Swami was born with three complete aspects of Gnan, Self-knowledge:
  • Mati Gnan (see Jain epistemology), knowledge of the 5-sense realm
  • Shruta Gnan (see Jain epistemology), knowledge of all forms of communication
  • Avadhi Gnan (see Jain epistemology), clairvoyant knowledge 
As a young adult, he married Rukamani Devi and then, later in life, took diksha, renunciation from worldly life.
At the time of diksha, he attained a fourth complete aspect of Gnan, Self-knowledge:
  • Manahparyaya Gnan (see Jain epistemology), knowledge of, and ability to read, the mind’s phases
After spending 1,000 years as a sadhu, ascetic, his ghatiya karmas (see Types of Karma (Jainism)), Soul-restricting karmas were exhausted, and he attained Keval Gnan.
Simandhar Swami’s Keval Gnan Kalyanak, anniversary of attaining Keval Gnan, is the same as Mahavira’s Janma Kalyanak, birthday.
Present on the day of Simandhar Swami’s Keval Gnan were:
  • 84 Ganadhar, prime disciples
  • 1 million Keval Gnani Maharajas, rulers who have attained Keval Gnan
  • 10 million Sadhu, male ascetics
  • 10 million Sadhvi, female ascetics
  • 10 million Mumukshu, spiritual seekers
  • 200 million Shravak, male devotees
  • 200 million Shravika, female devotees
Chandrayan Yakshadev is Simandhar Swami’s shashan dev, protector god, and Panchanguli Yakshinidevi is his shashan devi, protector goddess. Together they serve Simandhar Swami’s spiritual mission, assisting beings on the path to moksha.
Simandhar Swami’s height is 500 dhanushya, approximately 1,500 feet, which is considered an average height for the people of Mahavideh Kshetra.
Simandhar Swami and the other 19 Tirthankaras living on Mahavideh Kshetra will attain moksha, final liberation after completing their ayushya karma (see Types of Karma (Jainism)), life-span karma.
Simandhar Swami is identified and referenced in Jain scriptures.