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Ghantakaran Veer (Mahavir) ji

Jain Ghantakaran Veer (Mahavir) ji

This deity is worshipped for protection and driving away the evil influence created by lower types of negative energy. His arrow indicates penetration of evil forces. The bow gives forceful momentum to the arrow. His symbol is the bell which resounds to create auspicious sounds in the atmosphere.
The main temple of Ghantakarna Mahavir was built around Vikram Savant 1980. Acharyadev Buddhi Sagarsurisvarji was inpired in a dream and drew a figure of Ghantakarna Mahavir with bow and arrow and an idol was carved accordingly.
In this shrine there is another larger temple with a 22-inch marble idol of Bhagawan Padmaprabhu sitting in padmasana (lotus) posture, installed by Acharyadev.
One more temple known as Guru Mandir was built later with idol of Acharyadev Buddhi Sagarsurisvarji in it.

Mahudi is a village near the river Sabarmati. This village is in Mansa Taluka of Gandhinagar District. Gandhinagar is 35 km. away and Ahmedabad is 70 km. away. Nearby town is Vijapur, which is 6 km. away. In old days it was known as Madhupuri