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Shri Sanakadi Bhagavan 2nd Vishnu Avatar

Shri Sanakadi Bhagavan –
Sanat, Sanandan, Sanatana and Sanat Kumar Bhagavan
The four mind-born sons of Brahma - Sanakadi Bhagavan

'Manasputra' (born by a wish) of Lord Brahma. Throughout his life, he maintained celibacy; and engaged himself in the performance of tremendous penance. He was the one from whom the Brahmins got the inspiration regarding the values and importance of penance and Celibacy.

Brahma Ji was annoyed at first, but afterwards he cooled down. When they asked him a question regarding Shri Radha Krishna in the form of the all-pervading Supersoul, Brahma could not reply. Hamsa Bhagavan incarnated and taught the great sages about the glories of Shri Radha Krishna, their nitya lila (eternal pastimes). He initiated them into Vaishnavism, and gave them the all supreme Shri Gopal Mantra Raja, and the Sharanagati Mantra. He also gave them the Shri Shri Radha Sarveshvara Shaligram Shila Bhagavan to worship and serve. Shri Sanakadi Bhagavan then practised many austerities and had Darshana of the Supreme Lord Shri Shri Radha Sarveshvara through their worship of the Lord in this form. They composed a treatise on worship of the Lord in the feeling of a humble Gopi known as the Sanat Kumar Samhita. They have attained entry into the Nitya Lila and serve as Sakhis of the Lord.