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Rahu Dev

Rahu Dev

Rahu (Dragon's Head) Puja

Birth Myth: During the giving out of the ambrosia to the gods, one of the Asuras (demons) disguised himself as a god and sat among them. Just as he took a mouthful of ambrosia, Surya and Chandra realized the fraud and Vishnu quickly cut him in two, thereby giving us Rahu and Ketu. However the power of the ambrosia caused the two pieces to continue to be alive, and so Brahma changed them into planets and sent them to the heavens. Rahu continues to be the enemy of Surya and Chandra, eclipses are when Rahu tries to devour them.

Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets and have the powers of Saturn and mars respectively. The proper worship of both the planets blesses all those who suffer from sudden illness, loss of money and delay in marriage. Also those running Rahu dasha or Sub-period. Rahu is instrumental is strengthening one's power and converting an enemy into a friend. The effect of snake bite is removed by His grace.

A strong Rahu gives the individual worldly powers and success. In the spiritual realm, Rahu can give psychic powers, but also there may be danger from drugs, and danger from black magic. On the positive side, the influence of Rahu can put us in harmony with collective trends and give popularity, prestige, fame and power.

This mantra is for those effected with Rahu dosh.Chanting this will ensure positive thoughts and positive outlook towards life ,will ensure.

|| om bhram bhreem bhrom saha rahave namaha ||

18000 times in 40 days