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Mansa Maa

Mansa devi by chamundamaa.

Mansa Maa

The Main-idol, enshrined in the temple, consists of 5 heads (faces) and three arms of the deity. There is an interesting story behind it.

An old tree has become an interesting feature where pilgrims tie-up a thread around its stem for the fulfillment of their desires. One can easily see hundred of knots around it.


The famous and ancient temple of goddess Mansa Devi is located near a famous city of India, Chandigarh. A few kilometers away from Chandigarh is a town called Manimajra and the temple is situated here. Mansa Devi is one of the main 'Shakti Pith'. The head of goddess 'Sati', the consort of Shiva , had fallen here. A big festival is celebrated during the spring 'Nav-Ratras'. Millions of people visit the temple on this occasion. One can get plenty of buses for Mainmajra from Chandigarh bus-stand. In addition all other types of transport facilities are available.