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Jain Shree Padmavati Maa

Shree Padmavati Maa

Goddess Padmavati is divine guardian associated with Parsvanath. She is most respected Yakshini among all of the gods and goddesses. She is said to have protected Lord Parsvanath from the curses of Kamath and produced Lotus for him to sit over the surface of water. She holds Lotus, tiding rope in her right hand and fruit, Ankush in her left hands. Her carrier is Snake of Kurut Variety. She is also worshipped by Hindus, especially at the temple of Tirupati.

Dharnendra - Padmavati -

Once a person named Kamath, who pursued severe penanaces, was under going, "Panchagni Penance" Prince Parshwanath reached there. There was fore all over the flames reached the sky. But, Prince Prarshwakumar so from his divinity, saw that a pair of snakes were getting burnt in one of the woods. Prince Parshwanath, cut one of the woods & out came the pair of snakes burning. Prince Parshwanath told them, "Namashkar Mahamantra" & requested them not to get angry with the tapaswi. At that moment, both the snakes passed away. Later on, they became the god of snakes - Dev Dharnendra & Devi Padmavati.