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Jain Ambika devi

Ambika Devi

Ambika is the divine guardian associated with the twenty-second tirthankar Lord Nemimath. Her other names are Amba, Ambini, Kushmandi and Kodandi. Her carrier is a lion. She is of golden complexion and has four arms. By worshipping her, one gets all desires fulfilled. All obstacles are removed and Riddhi-Siddhi is achieved.

She holds special fruits (BeejPurak) and mercury in right hands and Ankush and son in her left hands.
She is considered miraculous and always decorated with gems and jewelry. Folklore is that she was thrown out of her house by her husband and mother-in-law because she had given alms to a great monk. After that she started living in the bushes outside Ambikanagar. After a few days some monks visited her house.

Because of the effect of the visit of great monks, Ambika’s utensils turned into gold. This incident surprised the villagers who became her devotees. Ambika later on was born as a Riddhi Siddhi Devi. Ambika even today commands tremendous respect